Registered participants

In person

Fridays for future (Uganda, Italy and Lithuania)
United Kingdom Student Climate Network
Global Tapestry of Alternatives,
Cambridge Social Ecology 
Symbiotic Horizon  (UK),
Coordination ecologie sociale Liege,  
Weizmann Institute of Science,
Budapest Cooperative Center, 
Liberando Tierras (Chiapas), 
Red Latinomericana de Socioeconomía Solidaria
Ayya mouvement (France), 
Dáiddadállu Artist Collectiv (Sapmi)
Home of Gaia (Netherland)
Global Ecovillages Network (GEN)
Center for UN Constitutional Research
SAK (Sweden)
Andrymi (Iceland)
Kurdish assembly UK
Extinction Rebellion UK (Self organizing system and 
Arts groups)


World association of Permaculture
p2p Foundation
Institute of social ecology (US),
symbiosis (US), 
Kalpavriksh (India) 
Safe Campaign (Nepal)
Together in Creation (Mexico)
Ecologistas en acción  (Spain)
Iberian ecovillage Network
Transnational Institute of Social Ecology
Pueblo Union
Media cooperative thessaloniki
CoopCycle/YCC federation of worker owned bicycle delivery companies
Permaculture Research Institute of Romania
Nonviolent Global Liberation 
Democratic Transition (Sweden) 
EDGE Funders Alliance 
Communalism Aotearoa  
Post Growth Institute 
Transition network
Ciudadania inteligente
Just cooperative
Diem 25
Circles UBI

There is also some individuals, as individual you would be added in this list, only if you ask for.
Also the groups that come in person will have in some cases online participants too.