Invited movements

This is an open meeting, anyone who thinks may contribute could register themselves. Anyway we will make sure that many important movements and networks receive the proposal to participate:

So, the following is an open list, below you can suggest more groups:

List of movements that are receiving the invitation to this preliminary meeting

Extinction Rebellion

Friday for future


kurdish movement

Kurdish women’s liberation movement

Global indigenous Council

ICCA consortium

Zapatista movement

Indigenous Environmental Network

Ende Gelaende

Catalonia movements


Gilles jaunes assembly of assemblies

Degrowth movement

by2020 we riseup campaign

International Cooperative Alliance

platform coops movement


GEN – global ecovilage network


Ripess solidarity economy global network

transition towns

permaculture movement

p2p foundation,

free software movement


Reclaim our economy

PostGowth institute

Black Socialists us

Transnational Institute of Social Ecology

Institute for Social Ecology

The art of organizing hope


Via campesina


Ecologistas en Acción



Trade Unions for Energy Democracy

Radical routes

Green Anticapitalist Front


Wellbeing economy alliance

Incredible Edible Network

The red nation

Andrymi (Reijkavik)

Global tapestry of Alternatives

Meeting in India of Vikalp Sangam, the confluency of alternatives that has inspired the Gobal tapestry of Alternatives

Together with delegates or participants of such movements, also researchers and individual activists with time to help are welcome to participate, physically or online!

Another way to support the call still if you couldnt participate is by an endorsement:

Send us below other contacts of other people you think should be invited!