Articles and books


The meaning of Confederalism, Murray Bookchin

Confederalism, Democratic Confederalism and Rojava Zaher Baher

How my fathers ideas helped the kurds to create a new democracy, Debbie Bookchin

Clear description from an academy in Rojava about democratic confederalism

Essay about the democratic autonomy that brings to democratic confederalism

as has been practised from de 36 in spain, to the zapatistas, indignados, or occupy, and then Rojava.

Reason, creativity and freedom: the communalist model. Eleanor Finley

From Chiapas to Rojava Comparative essay between the zapatistas and Rojava politics

Ecology in democratic confederalism, Ercan Yboga

Eco-swaraj vs global eco-catastrophe , Ashish Kothari about Radical ecological democracy.

Cheran: 5 years of selfgovernent in an indigenous community in Mexico

Extinction Rebellion must evolve for tackle our systemic climate crisis. Steve Rushton

Tyler anderson, describing some movements and direct democracy initiatives inspired by Murray bookchin

The Communitarian Revolutionary Subject. New forms of social transformation. Alejandra Sanchez and David Barkin.


Participatory Democracy in Action Practices of the Zapatistas and the Movimento Sem Terra.

Amory Starr, Maria Elena Martinez-Torres and Peter Rosset,

The spanish anarchists. Murray Bookchin analizes the confederalist structures of CNT and other bottoun up instution in the 36-39 revolution.,%20The%20Spanish%20Anarchists-The%20heroic%20years,%201868-1936.pdf

Ecology of freedom, Murray Bookchin

The next revolution, Murray Bookchin

Democratic Confederalism. Abdullah Ocalan (Brochure)

Revolution in Rojava. .Michael Knapp, Anja Flach, and Ercan Ayboğa

Towards Stateless democracy by freelab collective

Indigenous peoples Rights to Autonomy and self government (by Iwgia International work group for indigenous affairs)

Pluriverse . A postdevelopement dictionary. Introduction. Finding pluriversal paths.