About the meeting logistics

The meeting of 6-13th September is a preliminary meeting to generate a convergence of movements.

It is a selforganized meeting initiated by a group of individuals, involved and experienced in the topics proposed.

As the time and the economic capacity to make it happen is limited, we thought of a limit of 50 physical participants from abroad + indetermined number of locals from Icelands + open participation online.

In the register form we ask some questions about the needs of the participants, and how they can contribute at the funding level. At the same time, anyone is welcome to contribute with time and skills to help to make it happen, and this could be considered also a value to support expenses.

About hosting, our plan is to combine some places in hostels with some collective apartments. We will work towards reserving them collectively in order to make them cheaper!

Participants that could advance the money of hosting would be helping to reserve these places in advance.

Our expectation is a cost of 20 euro per person a day for hosting + 20 euro per person a day for food.

We are trying to raise solidarity fund, by participants and supporters, to help the ones with lower budget. Here you can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign

Venue for the meeting is in the works, looking something that could stand for free or very low price.

Please wait our confirmation of your register before booking your travel! Gender balance and territorial balance could be considered as criteria of acceptance. Only 50 international people will be able to join in person!

Why Iceland. We have received already different questions about this.

Beyond being one of the nicer countries on Earth, Iceland is at the same time one of the Artic countries that will have to deal vith very significant effects of the climate crisis. Plus, Iceland is a place where their population tried notoriously to transform the political system in the period post 2008 crisis. However, the famous citizen-led constitution project, didn’t succeded, and after that, the politics became again infamous like usual…

Time for Iceland peoples, to experiment with democratic confederalism too?

protest in solidarity with refugees in Reijkiavik

Iceland is also one of the less risky countries for activists that depending of their experience and backgrounds could have some risks…

Also, Iceland activists deserve to host activists from other countries from time to time, right?

So, we are going to be not more than 50, and stay a whole week. That’s a way to make an international meeting in Iceland really efficient!

So, what if I dont want by any mean to take a flight?

First, take a breath and discard the only Ferry from Danmark which is some times more polluting than a flight!


If there is enough people in this situation and want to change their future, perhaps you can join a research about if a selfgoverned, self-organized sailing boat project could make it! 😉